Singles Day 2021 (11.11) on Banggood

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Banggood might not be as well-known as AliExpress, but it is a great Chinese shopping website, featuring attractive deals and promotions.

Singles Day 2021 deals are already available on Banggood with deep discounts on a wide variety of items and categories.

Be sure to check the 11.11 coupon zone, the $999,999 allowance rain, and the “Pay $1 to grab bottom-price” pages.

Singles Day 2021 (11.11) on Banggood – Timeline

  • 1/11-3/11 – Pay $1 to grab hot item – visit.
  • 3/11-8/11 – Allowance rain – get up to $999 for buying on Banggood – visit.
  • 5/11-8/11 – Price crash of clearance – up to 60% off – visit.
  • 8/11-10/11 – VIP early access – with special perks such as free shipping and lowest price items – visit.
  • 10/11-12/11 – Main event – visit.

Banggood 11.11 – Allowance Rain

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Get up to US$999 (of a total of $999,999 Allowances) that can be used in combination with coupons, flash deals, unbeatable deals, and all other Singles Day promotional offers on Banggood.

Allowance Rain Game Rules

  1. Enter the allwance rain page
  2. On each round you have 15 seconds to get a bonus by tapping a lucky bag before it slides.

Allowance Rain Game Dates

  • From 1/11 to 28/11 – You can play the Allowance Rain once every day.
  • From 10/11 to 12/11 – You can play 5 rounds per day, each round lasting for 2 hours: 15:00-17:00, 20:00-22:00, 01:00-03:00, 06:00-08:00 and 10:00-12:00 (UTC+8 ).

Singles Day on Banggood – The Best Deals

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Here are some of the best Singles Day 2021 deals on banggood.

Click here for all singles day deals on banggood.

Click here for all singles day deals on banggood.

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